12 Days of Wishbook, Day 12: Help Welcome Our Heroes Home

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The Official USO Blog

Day 12 of Wishbook is about coming home.

While many of you will go home to spend the holidays with your families, thousands of our troops won’t have the same luxury. However, when their missions are complete and they do return, the USO is there to make sure they know their sacrifice was appreciated.

In many cases, that means a hug from a dedicated volunteer at the airport, cheers from a group of volunteers at an air base tarmac or a small party after a long flight from the other side of the globe. But the USO can pull off some pretty big homecoming surprises, too, like the time we helped a returning soldier surprise his wife on their 20th anniversary, or the time a group of 13 Marines was met with an impromptu welcoming line and first class upgrades for the final leg of their journey.


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