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Our teams [iterations](http://postadjutant.blogspot.com/) of rdf all are relative related reasons for the brending brigade benefits. Our body of work is classifed for all use with the intention for profit and not for profit processes. Brending was invented on March 9, 2011 During a short wave radio transmission (cell phone call) between Johnny and Marko while Johnny was on his way to the dentist for a cleaning. Text JohnZarlino to 90210 or transmit +1 (614) 448-0090 for personal appointment interview via HTML5 video and voice W3C standards.

Please add your thoughts and retune to this MX Record. Thank You. Lori brending@outlook.com

Good Moring,
Today is May 15th 2013
Meet the people making the social web even better. Armed with combined experience in open-source software technology and social identity, there are a number of passions that makes our team unique: our passion to build better online experiences for our customers. While Laura G. Zarlino founded Brending in 2002, it
has been the collaborative effort of the Bionate Distributors, Your Car Guy, Cover Your Assets, I, II, III, IV, V, VII, VII, VIII, IX, X, MarketPlace Of The Americas, CinemaCity at MarketPlace, Cinema City at Market Place Movie Tavern, CTO team to get us to where we are today. Our dedication, tenacity and methodical nature is what pulls us through the social trenches offering you nothing but the best in online user management. Do you want to play with me? Brending, LLC Tag line, Tagline, Realise, Realize, Isular, Iteratees
Good Moring,
Today is April 13th 2013. It has been two years since my husbands previous employer [redacted](http://www.startmyrippl.com)…any future body of works created and invented by brending CTO John Zarlino. Until such time your attention the following rdf is respectfully requested. The attached body of work is considered confidential coding invented by brending CTO and is provided for your file only. Direct any questions to brending CTO. All MX Records provided will remain the property of brending. All future documents to that include any form of internet communication using any software code provided for your review will be used in the Supreme Court of the United States to support and or change current laws. Any end user in the world that reads this content will be classified as a brender and if promulgated will then be accepted as a free work employee of brending an Ohio Company. LLC

Brending LLC An Ohio Company Ownership Of Shares
CEO Laura Zarlino 26% Can not dilute shares
Cover Your Assets II LLC An Ohio Company owns 13% of brending LLC Can not dilute shares
Cinema City at Market Place Movie Tavern LLC An Ohio Company owns 13% of brending. Can not dilute shares
John Zarlino CTO 26% Authorized to dilute shares to establish Leadership Team like the attached document as an example.
Marko will be on the top of the list as the co-founder of the invention brending.
Remaining shares to be issued in the following containers to Leadership Team Big Z Man 24 white paper see attached document for more information on scope of work. Please keep the document in your office for future brending processes.
7% ownership of brending Team One Authorized to dilute Shares Visionary Team Leader Anthony J. Zarlino
7% ownership of brending Team Two Authorized to dilute Shares Visionary Team Leader Danielle E. Zarlino
7% ownership of brending Team Three Authorized to dilute Shares Visionary Team Leader Luke R. Zarlino
3.5% ownership of brending Team Four Authorized to dilute Shares Visionary Team Leader Daniel A. Zarlino
3.5% ownership of brending Team Five Authorized to dilute Shares Visionary Team Leader Alexandra M. Zarlino
All shares authorized voting privileges. Board will meet once a year during Annual Zarlino Bash held the 2nd Saturday in July.
Brending 78 Northivew Dr SW, Etna Township, Oh 43018, USA http://brending.org

Laura Zarlino
Text JohnZarlino to 90210
+1 (614) 448-0090


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